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Techsol is a North American (NAFTA) corporation providing low-cost out-sourcing of your embedded product, or ZigBee wireless adapter, design and board fabrication. Our ability to rapidly prototype using our complete, RoHS-compliant SMT production line in-house is a key differentiator. Operating lead-free since December 2005, this line accelerates the development of products, and also provides low-cost pilot production.

Techsol's Embedded Computer Products Division

an SA2410 Medallion CPU Module Techsol’s Medallion System is a pioneer in Linux on ARM technology. Leverage our off-the-shelf Medallion Computer Modules and development kits to accelerate your development projects. Whether you just need a Computer-on-Module for your own semi-custom design, or you need a turn-key solution, Techsol's focused Hardware and Software expertise plus superb support get you to market faster…


Techsol's ZigBee Wireless Products Division

a zSC03 (ZigBee Sensor Controller) in a plastic case Techsol’s zPoint Products division was created in March 2006 to deploy robust, wireless technologies into the Building Automation market, as well as Industrial and Home Automation markets. Techsol's Industrial and Security customers have been asking for low-cost, quality wireless communications systems for some time now. And our advanced Java Gateways


Techsol's Touch Panel Computer (TPC) products

a TPC-43C Medallion Touch Panel Computer The Touch Panel product line is a collection of low-power, embedded computers featuring TFT LCD panels and optional touch screens.


Techsol's Gateway (GW) Communications Computer products

a Gateway Express 2 Communications Computer with optional POE in All-Metal Enclosure The Gateway product line is a collection of low-power, embedded, headless computers that are rich with communications capabilities.


What's New?

Techsol is one of Business in Vancouver (BIV)’s Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in British Columbia.